Plan and Prepare

Thursday, 25 June 2015 by

Plan and Prepare The Benefits of Developing an Emergency Preparedness Plan for your Community Association Community Associations can cope with disasters by preparing an Emergency Preparedness Plan in advance and having a course of action in place should an emergency arise. As Hurricane Sandy so disastrously taught us, we must be prepared for the unexpected

Going into these hot summer months, it is very important to know the effects the heat can have on your body, especially when combined with physical labor. Taking precautions to prevent and recognize heat illness is crucial to ensuring you do not fall victim to any form. Tips to Avoid Heat Illness Wear loose, light

What Makes Rezkom Employees Stand Out? All of Rezkom Enterprise’s field employees wear uniforms that easily identify them to the residents of your communities. Each also carries an ID badge that further validates their identity! Having familiar and professional staff is one of the many benefits of having an on-site maintenance & porter contract with