What People Are Saying About Rezkom Enterprises...

We are extremely proud of our quality work and professional reputation and take great pleasure in sharing what our customers are saying about us, our staff, and the quality services we provide.

“On behalf of the Association and its residents, I would like to thank Walter for all of his hard work and dedication to the community and more importantly for his commendable actions that helped avert a potentially disastrous fire. It gives me great pleasure to commend Walter and to know that Rezkom and its employees truly care about the residents and the communities where they work.”


Property Manager, Washington Oaks, after a Rezkom employee , who while performing porter duties, noticed smoke coming from a dryer vent and called 911 and alerted nearby residents to vacate.

“You have consistently and conscientiously provided our industry consummate services. For those of us in the front lines on the battlefield, you are indispensable. Thank you, from me personally, for all you have provided for 25 years.”


– Property Manager, Four Seasons at Readington

 “I wanted to send you a quick note to make you aware of our complete satisfaction with the quality and professionalism of Steve’s work. Regardless of the situation, Steve maintains an excellent attitude with our homeowners, and the quality of all of his repairs is always beyond reproach.

Steve not only meets, but exceeds our expectations in the quality of his repairs. Thanks for providing such a high-caliber employee.”


– Property Manager, Princeton Walk

 “I must tell you that the response time to handle any and all of our problems is excellent! I have even called Dennis over the weekends and if he doesn’t pick up his cell phone I usually hear back from him within 15-30 minutes.”


- Property Manager, Brookview Commons

 “You have built a highly respected and greatly valued company in addition to working hard to further the community association industry as a whole. Your success has benefitted not just you but all those within your company and those you serve.”


– Management Company Owner

 “While emergency calls have been few, Rezkom personnel have worked nights and weekends when needed and the Rezkom supervisors have always been helpful and responsive to all emergency needs.”


– Property Manager, Park Place II